Extended Warranty

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Comprehensive Warranty for a Hassle-Free Driving Experience

Uninterrupted coverage for your investment

Each year more and more sophisticated technology is built into vehicles to improve their safety, performance, comfort and value. These same innovations increase the vehicle's reliability. However, if something does go wrong, the necessary repairs are often complex and costly. To protect your investment from these financial burdens, we offer a selection of extended service packages that give you uninterrupted coverage on parts and labour, for many years or thousands of kilometres following the expiration of factory warranty.

Rising costs

One major repair can cost as much, or even more than the entire cost of the warranty. Changes that have taken place in the automotive industry have created a complex, high-tech automobile. With these changes have come increasingly higher repair costs. These common repairs can cost thousands of dollars and are rising rapidly. Protecting your automotive investment should be a priority.

If you're on a long roadtrip with the family and you have an issue, you have towing coverage and can be taken to a shop quickly and be back on the road in no time!

At Royal City Fine Cars in Guelph, we are proud to offer both Lubrico and People's Choice warranties. Both companies offer warranties to suit not just your vehicles needs, but your budget as well.

Lubrico Warranty has been providing breakdown protection to hundreds of thousands of car buyers since 1977. For more than 30 years, they have been dedicated to providing a high level of customer satisfaction through reliability, service, and continuous product development which has made them the leader in providing mechanical breakdown protection in Canada. Lubrico warranties are available for all makes, models, and mileage of vehicles.

People's Choice Warranty
has protected thousands of Canadian motorists since 1999. Peace of mind protection is available in many levels, from basic powertrain to comprehensive full vehicle coverage.